De.mem designs, builds, owns and operates modern water treatment systems for clients from the industrial as well as the municipal and residential sectors. Our focus is on the market for de-centralized water treatment – covering everything with the exception of very large plants for urban water supply.

In the industrial business segment, we provide water and waste water treatment systems to our clients and run them on our clients’ behalf, based on a “BOO” (build, own, operate) model. In the municipal & residential area, we provide all kinds of water treatment systems meeting highest quality standards.

We design our systems exactly according to the client’s needs, using both our own equipment as well as equipment from external, third-party suppliers. We choose the equipment carefully in the interest of our client, to be able to provide the client with the best solution possible. Being a “problem solver” with the ability to deliver systems for even very complex water quality, we also offer a range of systems covering specialty areas such as the hospital sector, ultra-low maintenance systems for remote areas, etc.

Our product offering is backed by a range of proprietary products and technologies developed particularly for de-centralized applications. This includes our “de.live” control and monitoring system which can help to automate processes and drive down cost, as well as innovative membranes using new materials. Based on this we are able to provide the customer with robust, low-maintenance and/or low-cost solutions.

To be able to deploy the most modern range of technologies, De.mem collaborates with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU), one of the world’s leading universities in the water space.

De.mem is headquartered in Singapore and has a fully owned subsidiary in Vietnam. It is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) since April 2017. The group currently has approx. 25 staff.