Media Reports

Fri Oct 2016 - 6 Oct 2016, Channel News Asia – PUB calls for proposals to develop water technologies

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Thu Aug 2016 - 8 Jul 2016, Business Times, Straits Times etc. – NTU invents energy saving nanofiltration membrane

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Scientists at NTU have invented a new type of nano-filter that could reduce the energy needed to treat waste water by up to 80 per cent. NTU's NEWRI has come up with a new nano-filtration hollow fibre membrane which requires only 2 bars of water pressure. The technology, which took two years to develop, will allow the world to treat and produce extremely clean water at a low cost. De.mem has taken an exclusive license to commercialize the technology.

Fri Jul 2016 - 31 May 2016, Straits Times – Water treatment proves to be a cost-saver

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Washing a car at grooming firm Groomwerkz now takes under 10 minutes, thanks to water treated by NTU spin-off De.Mem. The local start-up has been treating water to make it de-ionised for Groomwerkz’s car wash services. De.mem increases the efficiency of the process and, hence, saves the local firm cost.