Customized systems and solutions


De.mem provides systems and solutions for the following:

  • Desalination
    With technological advances, the cost of desalination has come down significantly over the last two decades. This has led to desalination being considered as a viable alternative to other water treatment methods. De.mem Pte Ltd designs sophisticated desalination processes for brackish water or seawater through reverse osmosis as a means of obtaining quality drinking water, as well as pure feed water for power generation and other industrial processes.
  • Recycling
    De.mem PteLtd’s systems are designed with a balanced approach towards the water cycle – from water supplies to treatment, conveyance, waste water treatment, reuse and recovery and return to the natural environment. Treated waste water is recovered using advanced membrane technology, producing high quality water for potable usage and irrigation. This becomes increasingly important in particular in South East Asian countries, with its large metropolitan centers and remote areas in which water is a scarce commodity.
  • Waste water
    Waste water contains high levels of chemicals, effluents and toxins which are extremely harmful to humans and the environment. De.mem Pte Ltd has a variety of waste water treatment solutions to meet the requirements of clients. These systems can be integrated into recycling and reclamation processes. The company’s solutions range from pre-treatment over treatment of industrial waste water, toxic waste and other hazardous materials to the post-treatment of recycle and reuse water.
  • Potable Water
    Reliable and safe access to water supply is the basis for economic growth, in particular in the emerging economies of South East Asia. De.mem Pte Ltd offers a wide spectrum of chemical, physical and biological processes for water treatment in line with different water sources. This includes state of the art membrane technologies as well as pre-treatment and post-treatment processes. It has the ability to meet tight customer budgets, given its independence from specific suppliers of membranes or other technologies.

De.mem’s systems and solutions are based on the following equipment and technologies:

  • Ultrafiltration Systems
    Ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane filtration process for separating fine, undissolved particles with a size down to about 0.2 µm. The particles that require removal may be solid (dispersions) or liquid (emulsions). The process involves the use of modern membrane technologies. Depending on the separating task, very different kinds of ultrafiltration membranes in a wide variety of module designs may be appropriate.De.memPteLtd’s UF systems are individually designed, to take into account important parameters such as the feed quality, the purity requirements and the desired capacity. They can be used as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis systems and as a final filtration method for deionized water. De.memPte Ltd has access to a wide range of modern UF membrane technologies.
  • Ceramic Membranes
    Ceramic Membranes are robust filters that are able to deal with various types of high strength wastewater. They can be used for water treatment as well.De.mem can deploy ceramic membranes in its systems,that combine low operating and maintenance costs with high stability.
  • Reverse Osmosis
    Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a membrane separating process that allows for the removal of dissolved solids in the raw water. The RO process requires external pressure. A pressure pump applies an external pressure to the membrane with a magnitude greater than the osmotic pressure. This results in separating the water (the permeate) from the dissolved contents, which are therefore concentrated (the concentrate).De.memPte Ltd deploys RO units which use advanced membranes – the latest membrane technologies available – that operate at lower pressure than other membrane modules. The systems are designed according to specific customer needs and handed over to the customer ready for use.