De.mem ultrafiltration membranes

Maximizing treatment performance and flux

Ultrafiltration (“UF”) is a proven filtration process based on microporous membranes. The process runs at low operating pressure of up to 2 bar.
De.mem has licensed a UF membrane technology from Nanyang Technological University based on modified PEI material. De.mem manufactures the hollow fibre membrane at its production facility in Singapore.

UF membranes can be used for applications in potable water generation, sewage / municipal waste water treatment, industrial waste water and for the pre-filtration of hollow fibre membrane modules, i.e. in a desalination plant. It can be more efficient than conventional treatment processes as it is able to remove turbidity, TOC, COD, pathogens, viruses, and other organic particles from a water stream.

Furthermore, membrane technology as a physical separation process does not require the addition of chemicals to achieve the treatment results. Hence, it is considered an environmentally friendly water treatment process.

Please find the schematic of how the treatment process works here: (use the same drawing as on the nanofiltration site)