Waste water treatment in Australia

De.mem group is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. From there, the company supplies and targets customers from all over the nation.

De.mem has a specialized product offering for prominent sectors in Australia – such as the mining industry, oil & gas industry, as well as agriculture and food processing. For example, the company can supply solutions for complex water and waste water issues in the mining sector, throughout the whole life cycle of mining operations. Furthermore, De.mem offers process water and waste water treatment systems that are particularly valuable to wineries, olive oil, sugar cane, dairy and meat processing industries.

Within its water and waste water treatment systems, De.mem makes use of different technologies such as aerobic and anaerobic treatment processes, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), as well as advanced membrane technologies including Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration (NF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO). Systems can be provided in a modular form or containerized.

  • High quality water treatment systems

    De.mem serves the Australian market from its group headquarters and technical support office in Perth.

    De.mem provides high quality waste water treatment systems to industrial clients. Furthermore, the company also offers products for municipal & residential applications, i.e. for remote water treatment.

  • Industries Served, i.e.

    • Mining
    • Agricultural & food processing, i.e.:
      • Wineries
      • Olive oil mills
      • Sugar cane mills
      • Dairy
      • Meat processing
    • Other industrial sectors including oil & gas
  • Product Offering

    • Delivery of customized water and waste water treatment systems for all kinds of feed water quality and meeting different output quality
    • Build, Own, Operate (BOO)
    • Operations & Maintenance (O∓M)
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