Mission & Vision

Who we are

Mission & Vision

De.mem strives to become the worldwide market leader in de-centralized water and waste water treatment.

We believe that we will succeed in achieving this objective based on the strong commitment of our employees and a portfolio of disruptive technologies and product innovations, which can address the diverse and urgent needs of our customers in our target segments.

Corporate Values

We propose the following Corporate Values for the Company:

We are honest, transparent and committed to doing what is best for our customers and our company.

A culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Constantly seeking technological, personal and professional growth. We optimize our products and services and grow our people by fostering experimentation and iterating on ideas.

Collaboration / Partnership

Foster teamwork and collaboration across departments and with customers and partnerships.


We want to create something worth creating, that will endure the test of time. We do this by relentlessly focusing on our customers’ success, building high quality systems, and planning for long-term scale. We relentlessly deliver high-quality experiences on the highways and in the hallways.


Clients trust us to build things that work and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional services and products.