Summary: De.mem (ASX: DEM)

De.mem started operations in 2014 with the vision to become the leading provider for de-centralized, membrane-based solutions for industrial water and waste water treatment. In the meantime, the company has grown to about 75 employees with offices in Brisbane, Perth, Launceston, Melbourne (Australia), Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Velbert (Germany).

De.mem offers a range of Singapore-made hollow fibre membranes, often deployed as the key component of its products. This includes innovations such as the company’s hollow fibre nanofiltration technology and its graphene-oxide enhanced polymer membrane, which it presented in September 2021.

Key milestones in the development of De.mem are as follows:

  • 2015    Completed a number of municipal / residential projects in Vietnam
  • 2016    Expanded into the industrial waste water treatment segment and signed lighthouse contracts with multinational corporations in Singapore
  • 2017    Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
    Started factory for the production of hollow fibre membranes in Singapore
    Acquired Akwa-Worx Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia (now: De.mem-Akwa)
    Signed contracts with leading players from the Australian mining sector
  • 2018    Received 1.7 million A$ award for waste water treatment plant in South Australia
  • 2019    Received 2.8 million A$ project award for seawater desalination plant in Australia
    Signed 1.7 million A$ Build, Own, Operate contract for industrial waste water treatment in Singapore
    Acquired Pumptech Tasmania Pty Ltd (now: De.mem-Pumptech)
    Entered into Germany/Europe via acquisition of Geutec GmbH, Essen, Germany (now: De.mem-Geutec)
  • 2020    Signed new 2.7 million A$ contract for supply of a seawater desalination plant
  • 2021    Acquired Capic in Perth, Western Australia (now: De.mem-Capic)
  • 2022   Acquired Stevco in Epping/Melbourne, Victoria (now: De.mem-Stevco)

Why Invest in De.mem ?

  • Strong ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) impact
  • Large addressable market – the global water and waste water solutions market has an estimated annual capital expenditure of $AUD 240 billion (source: Frost & Sullivan)
  • Offering breakthrough technological innovations developed in-house and at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore – ranked among the leading research institutions in membrane science worldwide
  • Track record of 18 successive quarters of growth vs. pcp (Sep 2023)
  • Stable, high-margin business model around the supply of services, equipment, chemicals, pumps and consumables
  • Well established blue chip customer base from high growth industrial sectors
  • Track record of well-integrated, bolt-on acquisitions

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