Advanced Control, Automation and Monitoring

The automation of water and waste water treatment systems, including the monitoring of the performance of the water treatment process and feed and output water quality, as well as steering the processes from the distance, has become a crucial factor for the effectiveness and quality of a water treatment plant. De.mem has state-of-the art capabilities and a proprietary product offering in the automation space.

De.mem’s proprietary and in-house developed automated control system “” utilizes Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and an algorithm optimized for process control, which improves efficiency, performance and reliability of our water treatment systems.

Further features to our automation platform are:

  • Our control system can be accessed remotely via WAN/4G LTE. This allows us to monitor and control our system remotely anywhere and anytime.
  • Good ergonomic design and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface of our system improves productivity and safety.
  • Feedback control system with intelligent PID function ensures stable flow and optimum process.
  • User management with different user roles and permissions for security and safe operation of our system.
  • SCADA with standalone, multiple servers/clients, server redundancy configuration.
  • Alarm and event management with different categories of alarms, e.g. major and minor alarms, urgent and ordinary alarms.
  • The software automatically collects data from the field to perform analytics for predictive maintenance, statistical process control.