Point-of-Use Residential Water Filters

Addressing a huge market need – in particular in Asian countries
Using its proprietary hollow fibre ultrafiltration and/or nanofiltration membranes, De.mem offers a separate product line to the domestic or consumer market. The product line effectively is a filter system, which makes use of De.mem’s advanced hollow fibre technology as the key treatment step. The system is installed as a ‘point of use’ solution, e.g., under a kitchen sink where it treats water prior to it leaving the domestic tap, and is meant to purify the water for domestic consumption.

De.mem’s hollow fibre membrane technology is the key process step in this product, for the removal of suspended solids and nearly all bacteria (the De.mem hollow fiber membranes are tested to ‘6 log reduction’ – which means that a number of 1,000,000 (one million) microbes is reduced to only 1 (one) after filtration) and viruses from the water. Further, the membrane is combined with more traditional treatment processes for pre- and/or post filtration, to ensure highest output quality. The system does not require additional pressure or pumps and uses standard tap pressure. This ensures convenience for the end user and ease of installation.

De.mem intends to commercialise the new product range through distribution partnerships initially targeting the Asia-Pacific region. The new product line will be manufactured in De.mem’s Singapore facility using existing equipment.

The market for domestic ‘point of use’ filter systems is estimated at US$24.5 billion annually worldwide by 2020. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for the largest share, followed by North America and Europe.

The introduction of this product line builds on De.mem’s strategy of  developing a diverse range of superior membrane technologies for commercial and domestic / residential use.