The electronics industry needs huge amounts of water in their production processes. Often, such as in semiconductor production / wafer fabs, the quality of the water must meet highest standards – the provision of “ultrapure” water is necessary, which requires highest standard water purification systems.

De.mem Products and Solutions

De.mem offers specialized and customized systems and solutions for customers from the electronics industry, including industry segments such as semiconductor or plating. De.mem can provide systems to generate ultrapure water for the production, or to treat the waste water for discharge. Furthermore, De.mem has a deep experience also in recycling projects, where waste water is treated to a quality so it can be re-used in certain production processes.

Ultrapure water is produced through a series of processes such as softening, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, de-ionization, EDI and activated carbon filtration.

Waste water from the electronics industry often has high COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), turbidity and metal content. To address those, equipment such as degasification and membrane based treatment processes can be deployed.

Deionization of recycled wastewater can be achieved by Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, mixed bed vessels and electro-deionization for reuse.

Services Offered
  • Treatability studies
  • Pilot studies
  • Design and construction of systems, system installation, commissioning, follow up services and operations
  • Training of operators and technical staff
  • Build, Own, Operate schemes (“BOO”)
  • Consulting services
  • Client-tailored research & development services