Mining and mine processing facilities face different water treatment challenges throughout the whole life cycle of operations. Those range from the provision of potable water and the treatment of sewage from mining camps to the generation of process water for as well as the treatment of waste water from the mining operations.

On the waste water side, the mining operators are subject to strict discharge limits imposed by the regulators, which brings along a need for innovative and efficient treatment solutions. Typical mining wastewater will have oil by-products, high turbidity and suspended solids in addition to other contaminants.

De.mem Products and Solutions

De.mem deploys innovative products and solutions that address all of the above. Our solutions improve water quality, reduce sludge waste, and mitigate ownership risks, to ultimately enhance sustainability and bring down lifecycle operation costs. Treatment processes deployed may include oil & grease removal, anaerobic and aerobic processes, chemical addition and membrane filtration including Ultrafiltration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Oil & grease removal can be achieved by induced air floatation, API Separators, CPI separators or Dissolved Air Floatation-Flocculation units (DAF) and oil skimmers.

The treatment of waste water thru anaerobic and aerobic processes can include technologies such as Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB), MBR, SBR, clarifiers and chemical addition.

Services Offered
  • Treatability studies
  • Pilot studies
  • Design and construction of systems, system installation, commissioning, follow up services and operations
  • Training of operators and technical staff
  • Build, Own, Operate schemes (“BOO”)
  • Consulting services
  • Client-tailored research & development services